The Cartographer

by Raiden

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Jacco de Boer
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Jacco de Boer These guys know their classics, but that doesn't mean that they copy. Hell no, these is real original material and the rough recording and shouty vocals give it a great nwobhm, almost punk vibe. Keep going guys!
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released June 29, 2016

Michael Palma - Vocals and Rhythm Guitar
E-man Gutierrez - Lead Guitar
Ricardo J Carlos - Bass Guitar
Jacob Ortiz - Drums and Backing Vocals

Recorded by Allen Falcon at Birdcage Studios



all rights reserved


Raiden Norwalk, California

We are the greatest heavy metal band to ever come out of Michael's garage.

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Track Name: Blue Falcon (Instrumental)
Music: Carlos
Track Name: Crystal Maiden
Music: Palma/Ortiz | Lyrics: Palma

Crystallized deep underground
One thousand years till she's found
Appeasing the god of the rain
In the cathedral she's lain

Killed, she lies, haunting the graves of others who have died
Immortalized, the Crystal Maiden shines throughout the night

Eighteen years of her life
Cut short for their sacrifice
Crushed skulls surround her now
Unburied souls disavowed


Calcified bones in the cave
Earned her this prestigious name
Crystallized deep underground
One thousand years she's here now

Track Name: Limitless (The Fallen Angel)
Music: Palma/Gutierrez | Lyrics: Palma/Gutierrez

A man well known, respected by others
Having learned so much, he is above, challenged by no one
He is capable, his will is set strong
Known by his work across the world, he's incomparable

But time takes its toll, it takes control
Solitude at last, goes by so fast
Against the crowd, to him they bow
Soon they will see, what he's meant to be

His downfall is his quest, to become limitless
He'll get far on his own, but he will never know
His downfall is his quest, this fallen angel rests
He'll get far on his own, but he will never know

The drive to intellect, he holds it against himself
No one at his side to stay the course, it's his one roadblock
To collaborate, to share the pedestal
It'll bring him down, there's no way out, it's a coffin for his mind


Track Name: No. 9
Music: Palma/Carlos/Hernandez/Gutierrez | Lyrics: Palma/Ortiz

New racing prodigy he's young and hungry for the gold
A quick blur of red and white, he's never looking back, he's found his one
true goal
His nearly flawless run unmatched by all competitors
The highest stake; A grave mistake took away his future

Jumped the gun behind the wheel Ambition high and temper flared
Dreams gone up in smoke and flames
He's forced to say goodbye.
Gone astray, forsaken name, he left his family
A falling star, a shooting star

Feared, revered, soldier of fortune
Eldest son, a fighter for justice
Behind the mask, a sympathetic brother
He returns
Driving No. 9/He is No. 9

Watching over family he plays the role of sovereign
Just in the nick of time his presence brings protection
Recognized by those that he once left, unmasked now
Second place, he's done his final lap


Greater enemies need more than just a racer
A higher calling waits for him; an agent in the shadows
No name, no face, no country where he can lay his loyalty
A quick blur of yellow and black

Track Name: Militant
Music: Palma/Hernandez | Lyrics: Palma/Vargas

Strapped down and petrified
Habeus corpus has been denied
Put away and dehumanized
It's a bad dream come true
You showed no mercy you got none back
The arm was quick to pull you back
Your whole life was thrown off track
They sent you away

The refugee with a polluted mind
His "destiny," it crosses the line
None can stand up and tell him he's wrong
The lying hero's been here too long

Arbitrators eyes met yours
The moment your hatred was born
The smile he wore was all you need
To know you are through
Thrown into the caves of your mind
Dissecting your passion and pride
Meet your real self and see
You've let him down too


The savages are out of line
They don't know what's wrong or right
Repudiation is the key
Treat them as dogs
Gullible; too quick to trust
Brotherhood left in the dust
The goal was never protection
American Dream come true
Track Name: The Cartographer
Music & Lyrics: Palma

Merchants have heard his name, heard of his history, the legend is true
Some have said he knows all and controls your fate, this mystical man
A young traveller has not heard the name, he seeks a great wealth
He meets the man, his future unclear, he asks for a way

He is the cartographer

It's given to him, a map for his life, a map of his mind
Anticipation engulfs the young man, his journey awaits
Now I must warn you, this map I have made goes only one way
If you follow through do not dare to return, don't you dare look back

Track Name: The Fifth Rule
Music: Carlos | Lyrics: Palma

City lights grow dim and far, cold, wet, off the coast
Scum of the earth left here to rot, behind the rusted bars
Laughter and life are miles away, colors drained from each dark day
A symbol of the nation's control

Miles and miles of chain and fence
Higher and higher a stone defense

Day after day, the same
Nothing allows for change
Waiting for the day
Leave it behind, pay it no mind
It's time's escape

"Go ahead and swim" they say, he won't get very far
His longing to get off the rock, is drowned before it starts
Guards are called onto the block, sirens wail, fills the air
Gunfire echoes in the hall

Miles and miles of chain and fence
Higher and higher a stone defense


Avoid the pointless war
Won't even touch the door
Men unaccounted for
Feet hit the ground, not to be found
Their own escape
Track Name: Tombstone
Music: Carlos | Lyrics: Palma

Standing tall at the end of the road
Starting down the man he has hunted
One last chance to put this to rest
Eye to eye moral convictions
Separate the chaser and the catch
Time to draw; the tombstone waits

Ripped from his family
Back to a life he left
Simply a hired gun
To hunt down the nameless one

Trapped inside a foreign homeland
Fresh new start just out of reach
Past allies become enemies
He is not afraid to die
Only scared of being forgotten
He fights for his own name


What will your tombstone say?