from by Raiden



Music: Palma/Hernandez | Lyrics: Palma/Vargas

Strapped down and petrified
Habeus corpus has been denied
Put away and dehumanized
It's a bad dream come true
You showed no mercy you got none back
The arm was quick to pull you back
Your whole life was thrown off track
They sent you away

The refugee with a polluted mind
His "destiny," it crosses the line
None can stand up and tell him he's wrong
The lying hero's been here too long

Arbitrators eyes met yours
The moment your hatred was born
The smile he wore was all you need
To know you are through
Thrown into the caves of your mind
Dissecting your passion and pride
Meet your real self and see
You've let him down too


The savages are out of line
They don't know what's wrong or right
Repudiation is the key
Treat them as dogs
Gullible; too quick to trust
Brotherhood left in the dust
The goal was never protection
American Dream come true


from The Cartographer, released June 29, 2016



all rights reserved


Raiden Norwalk, California

We are the greatest heavy metal band to ever come out of Michael's garage.

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